Cupcakes are where we started

The flavours of Cuppies 'n' Cream cupcakes vary a lot and occasionally are somewhat a bit nontraditional.

However that is what makes Cuppies 'n' Cream cupcakes special and not like any other cupcake place. You will of course find traditional flavours (can you imagine life without a good old vanilla cupcake, because we can't) and we are always looking for more ideas, so feel free to contact us with your suggestions.

Oh, and we can also cater for vegan, dairy, egg and gluten free diets...

Cupcake Flavours

Death by Chocolate
Delicious moist chocolate sponge laden with or without chocolate chips, topped with chocolate buttercream.
Dreamy Vanilla
Classic & versatile. Light fluffy vanilla sponge topped with vanilla buttercream icing
Summer Strawberry
Sweet strawberry sponge with an injection of divine strawberry compote in the centre and topped with luscious strawberry buttercream
Zingy Lemon
Zesty lemon sponge made with fresh juicy lemons and topped with sweet and zingy lemon buttercream
A classic vanilla sponge with a squeeze of fresh orange juice topped with an orange buttercream and finished off with good old fashion candied orange slice
Moist & sweet carrot sponge. Topped with orange cream cheese buttercream – Surely with fruit and vegetables these must be good for you?
Banana Split
Moist Banana sponge filled with fudge flavoured buttercream, topped with a strawberry vanilla buttercream and finished off with a coat of melted milk chocolate, sprinkles, nuts, and a cherry on top! Bravo!
Rhubarb & Ginger
A fresh ginger cupcake filled with a fresh rhubarb compote and topped with a vanilla buttercream swirl
Red Velvet
Soft and light, red sponge with a hint of cocoa. Topped with sweet cream cheese buttercream – divine! (one of our best sellers).
A vanilla sponge crammed with fresh blueberries, topped with vanilla buttercream and a single fresh blueberry on top
Green peppermint sponge with a thick swirl of chocolate buttercream. Perfect for after dinner!
Peaches & Cream
A vanilla buttermilk sponge baked with fresh peaches and topped with a creamy buttercream swirl
Coffee & Walnut
Nuttylicious coffee sponge made with ground walnuts and swirled with coffee buttercream icing for the full flavour experience
Espresso Cake
Light sponge with lashings of pure espresso powder making this cake a coffee zinger! Topped with mocha buttercream for full effect and a chocolate coffee bean – a coffee lovers dream
This cupcake has a  indulgent yummy chocolate and vanilla sponge which is covered with chocolate, morish strawberry and finally our creamy marshmallow vanilla buttercream. And to finish of… a red cherry! Perfect!
Caramel Glory
Caramel and Vanilla laced Cupcakes topped with a vanilla buttercream swirl and a light caramel or salted caramel syrup
Mint Choc Chip
A decadant moist chocolate sponge infused with peppermint syrup, chocolate chips and finished with chocolate buttercream swirl
Ice Cream 99
A vanilla sponge with a choice of strawberry, chocolate or vanilla marshmallow buttercream, finished with hundreds and thousands, a chocolate flake and a matching syrup
Cookies ‘n’ Cream
A vanilla sponge infused with crushed Oreos, a mini Oreo centre AND finished with a Oreo infused chocolate buttercream – all you need is a glass of milk with this one.
Chocolate Orange
Dark chocolate sponge with real orange juice and zest. Topped with scrum-delicious orange chocolate buttercream
Rich chocolate or vanilla sponge doused with Baileys Irish Cream and coupled with Baileys liqueur buttercream
Raspberry Ripple
A traditional vanilla sponge infused with fresh crushed raspberries and topped with a white chocolate buttercream and a single raspberry on top
These little beauties are quintessentially British and scream IT’S SUMMERTIME! Refreshing light vanilla based sponge infused with Pimms & topped with 4 separate buttercream icings, Strawberry, Cucumber, Orange and garnished with a fresh mint leaf – Pimms in a cupcake – what could be better?
Buttery Butterscotch
A sumptuous real butterscotch infused cupcake topped with a butterscotch rich buttercream
Apple and Toffee
A vanilla sponge baked with fresh Bramley apples, filled with a toffee fudge centre and topped with a vanilla buttercream. To finish we drizzle with a toffee syrup
A fresh ginger baked cupcake topped with a vanilla buttercream and topped with a mini gingerbread cookie
Subtle amaretto liqueur sponge soaked in a sweet amaretto syrup and topped with aromatic amaretto buttercream and an amoretti biscuit.
Black Cherry Gateau
A rich and intense dark chocolate sponge, filled with a black cherry compote and topped with a light vanilla buttercream and to finish off – a fresh black cherry
Coconut Paradise
A moist fresh coconut cupcake, infused with coconut milk, with an optional crushed pineapple filled middle and topped with a coconut cream buttercream swirl
Turkish Delight
A vanilla cupcake infused with Rose water and filled with a fresh chunk of Turkish delight and topped with a vanilla buttercream swirl