Wedding Cakes at Wasing Park, Berkshire

Did I mention I make cakes for a living… I don’t think I did, did I? I mean, I don’t bang on about it that much right? My life totally doesn’t revolve around it in any way whatsoever (total lies), I don’t bore my family at all by talking about flavours, pricing and delivery… nope, never, not at all. 😉

I was having a little bit of a daydream moment the other day, y’know one of those most inconvenient daydreams where you should be getting on with many more important things but just somehow get distracted, and I came across a gorgeous blog post from RS Brown Photography covering a wedding from August 2017 for the most beautiful of couples; Jade and Rob Sherwood.

Jade and Rob chose a three-tier cake with layers of sumptuous chocolate fudge cake, sticky toffee and a top layer of cherry Bakewell flavour. My kitchen smelt divine whilst baking.

“Natalie at Cuppies n Cream was fantastic. Our vision for our cake changed so frequently over the 12 months since we engaged with her, not to mention our colour theme changing 3 times! She offered nothing but help and advice and created one of the most beautiful cakes we have ever seen! It really blended in well with all of our decorative features.”

Jade and Rob
Wedding Cakes at Wasing Park, Berkshire

How stunning are these photos from RS Brown Photography too?

Wedding Cakes at Wasing Park, Berkshire
Wedding Cakes at Wasing Park, Berkshire

It inspired me to write my own post about one of my favourite venues, and what the experience of creating and setting up a wedding cake is like from my point of view.

Wasing Park is stunning. Sweeping long driveways with the most private of locations, it captures your attention as soon as you enter. Every time I’ve set up a cake there it makes me swoon with its unique way of looking so pretty, whatever the season. I first experienced Wasing Park back in 2011 and I distinctly remember being totally in love with the place then.

Wedding Cakes at Wasing Park, Berkshire

Why so special?

I think one of the most unique features of Wasing Park is that there is something for everyone. You can choose to marry in the intimate Parish Church or have a lavish civil ceremony in the Victorian Summerhouse, or the elegant Garden Room. Personally, when if I ever get married Wasing Park is my ideal dream venue, I think that’s why I love it so much and feel a particular way every time I arrive.

When I receive an enquiry and the bride or groom mention it’s going to be at Wasing Park I know immediately that I want to do the cake! It really makes that much of a difference. Leaving my home in Wokingham, driving up the M4 and approaching the venue via a long, tree-lined avenue, surrounded by extensive parkland and gardens is always a little bit special.

Usually, the cake, or sometimes cupcake tower, go in the Garden Room, an idyllic separate little spot all set within a private garden. It has its own little driveway and the garden outside has had different flower pots and arrangements every time – hats off to the gardeners by the way! Elegant, extremely light and surrounded with floor-to-ceiling windows it suits any theme or colour scheme too. I particularly love the giant mirror where the cake table takes pride of place reflecting every angle of the cake – no room for flaws allowed!

The Secret…

There’s another part of Wasing Park I wasn’t aware of until last September when I was arriving to set up Becki and Nick’s wedding cake. The Secret Walled Garden. It’s utterly unique and with three jaw-dropping giant tipis set up in the grounds, it’s certainly a wedding I won’t forget for a long time. With its sweeping Victorian conservatories filled with green vibrant vegetation and little cottages for the bridal party, it’s nestled in the middle of woodland and it feels like a beautiful abandoned estate that the bride and groom have magically discovered themselves. The feeling of privacy and like it ‘belongs’ to you is something you rarely can find.

Festival Brides covered this wedding and you can read all about the day here, where you can swoon over photos like these:

Wedding Cakes at Wasing Park, Berkshire
Wedding Cakes at Wasing Park, Berkshire
Wedding Cakes at Wasing Park, Berkshire

Becki opted for a semi-naked cake, edged in edible gold paint and finished with real flowers and lots of foliage, all naturally beautiful, which tied in with the rest of the wedding perfectly. I often set up a wedding cake with lots of other suppliers setting up around me but on this occasion, I was one of a few. Becki and Nick’s family were so hands-on and Becki’s Dad, well, he was a godsend! Rocking his outdoor gear with his tools and proud excited Dad-face on he was probably one of the most helpful guests I’ve come across. Getting the table level in the tipi never would have happened without him.  Bridesmaids were on hand to find the flowers whilst checking everything was just as it should be.

When families come together like this one you just know they are creating something that people will remember for a very long time.

“Our stunning cake was designed and made by Natalie from Cuppies ‘n Cream, and it was delicious. We had layers of carrot cake, lemon drizzle and red velvet as neither of us are big fans of fruit cake, and the decoration tied into the theme perfectly.”

Wedding Cakes at Wasing Park, Berkshire

The Secret Walled Garden is a magical place and has such a special feel to it from the moment you step inside its walls. The biggest difference is you can have your ceremony outside. Taking a risk with the unpredictable UK weather is always a bit of scary one, but if you’re lucky like Becki and Nick were, it’s worth it. ​

Sometimes, a wedding is just utterly perfect. Wasing Park achieves that every time. I have quite a few 2018 wedding cakes booked for Wasing and I can’t wait to share them with you all.

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